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Green Card Lottery
Is your application errorfree?

You want to participate in the US Green Card lottery this year?

Good. It's most likely the best chance to realize your dream of living in America. And as you know, participating in the lottery is completely free.

But what you might not know

More than 34% of the participants are disqualified every year because they make mistakes in their lottery application. Even worse: You just don't get notified about a disqualification. This means, you could have been participating for years now and never really got a chance to win a Green Card because your application simply gets rejected over and over again.

What you can do now

Our experienced team of former Green Card winners offers a service to check your application for errors before you submit it to the lottery. We make sure, your entry won't be disqualified. Sounds good?

Green Card Winners every year
Disqualified Applications detected
Corrected Green Card Applications
* numbers based on checks performed for our customers in the past

So what is the catch?

If you are confident you don't even make one single mistake and fulfill all strict requirements for the official forms of the lottery, just go ahead and participate by yourself. Like we said, it is completely free. If, on the other hand, you have doubts and want to be 100% sure your application does not get disqualified, you can use our service, for which we charge a small service fee. Simple as that.

Trust the process

When you decide to let us help you...
  • Every single bit of your application is manually reviewed for formal Completeness and Correctness
  • Your Photos will be thoroughly reviewed, because insufficient photos make up 80% of all disqualifications
  • We send you a Personal Step-by-Step Guide, with exact instructions, so you know exactly how to enter the Lottery
  • You will be notified whether your application is all thumbs up or if you need to make changes
  • Your application is in good hands, in former Green Card lottery winners' hands to be exact